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Not moving is not good therapy…

Not sure if using a question from the comment section is ‘pc’ in the blog-o-sphere but the issue raised is highly worthy of commentary.  “Until last May I considered myself to be pretty serious cyclist as well, until exercise induced atrial fibrillation became a problem. Now I’m actually afraid to get on the bike, lest […]

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Are we heading to a “Wall-E” situation?

So much to write about on Friday.  An email from a friend, another master of the obvious, on the the happiest states, an email form ACC on holding doctors accountable for medical errors, as well as an AHA statistical report on the worsening lifestyle habits of Americans.  These comment-able stories, along with this bloggers quest […]

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Trying to rest…

The first weekend after the fall cyclocross campaign is upon this cycling family. Some random Sunday evening reflections… A perusal of the usual health news sites result in boredom. The only mildly interesting story, but not yet ready for this newbie blogger, detailed Pfizer’s quest for a new drugs addressing the latest scourge that is […]

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Go fast, it is good for the heart…

High intensity exercise was in the news today. Let’s do science: Don’t worry, I will make it easy. Background: It is known that exercise is good for the heart, even after stents or bypass. Historically, high intensity exercise was too scary to recommend for heart patients. Recently though, reports have suggested that high intensity exercise […]

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Goodwill, Mud, the Post…

Today was Storm the Greens, the last race of the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series. Goodwill was in abundance. Hearts did well today. It was the Kentucky state CX championship. A win, plus 7 dollars gets you a barbecue sandwich. My race: who cares. Had great legs. Left too much skin on the ground. 20 degress […]

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A note to our educators…On Gym Class

This very important study on the importance of fitness in early adulthood almost passed me by. That is, until this sign at Walden caught my eye… Here is a study linking cardiovascular fitness in early adulthood with increased intelligence, better performance on cognitive tests and higher achievement later in life. In other words, being fit […]

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Good for the earth and body…

Another story of symbiosis. The UK journal Lancet, which many consider, the british equivalent of the NEJM, published 5 articles on the health benefits of reducing green house gases. Seems that what is good for the earth is good for us as well. They claim… “Walking and cycling more, driving less, switching to cleaner-burning stoves […]

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Participation is cross…

Only one more weekend of cyclocross remains. Sundays have been so good. Community, participation, challenge, support and togetherness all are appropriate words. There are few sports where the whole family participates. Sunday cross begins in the AM and races go all day. Women, junior’s, 3 categories of men and then even the pro’s each get […]

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Be positive… It is good for the heart.

My grandfather had many grin-inducing phrases; one of the more commonly heard was, “nice guys finish last.” Maybe in a cross race, but not so much with heart disease. More interesting news from November’s AHA meeting. Here, a study showing that patients who exhibit positive attitudes in the face of stress are much less likely […]

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Observations from the Outback…

November marks the annual American Heart Association (AHA) meeting. This is one of the few major heart meetings each year. AHA focuses on the newest technologies for the treatment of ongoing cardiac disease. Termed, “secondary prevention,” this year there were studies on implantable devices for heart failure, new blood thinners to assist in the squishing […]

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A maple frosted donut topped with bacon. Illustrative of KY’s sorry state of health…

The Courier-Journal had nutrition front and center the last two days. First up; the trans-fat issue. I know, you say boring. Maybe, but trans-fats are seriously toxic to your arteries(not Staci toxic-really toxic). They are inflammatory to the inner lining of the arteries. Sound smart: call this the “endothelium.” Trans-fats are man-made (not found in […]