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The George W Bush stent case: An incredible teaching opportunity on the basics of heart disease

The wrist artery hardly had time to seal. (Surely it was a radial.) The controversy came that fast. The drumbeat of naysayers seemed to start only minutes after a prideful press release announced that George W Bush had undergone successful cardiac stent placement. The ever-quotable cardiologist from Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Steven Nissen, said, “This is […]

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In the Prime post up — An urgent call to improve heart attack care in Kentucky

I am pleased to publish a guest post from friend and colleague, Dr. William Dillon, an interventional cardiologist in Louisville Kentucky. (He can be followed on Twitter @wmdillon.) I offer his words in the hope that they will bolster awareness of heart disease and foster a spirit of cooperation among all Kentuckians.  Bill and I […]

New tools to rescue one from heart attacks…

Any doctor who tries to counsel patients on the importance of making good lifestyle choices has heard these oft repeated phrases. Doc, “I don’t eat french fries.” “I just smoke a little.” “I really do not eat that much.” “I do not have time to exercise.” “My blood pressure is always better at home.” “I […]

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An electrician’s view of smooshing blockages…

Really sound information is out there in the internet universe. DrRich has put out an incredibly timely and pertinent piece of advice concerning the common practice of stenting blockages in the coronary arteries. He succinctly summarizes a small retrospective study that showed an increased risk of cardiac events after non-cardiac surgery in patients who have […]

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Go fast, it is good for the heart…

High intensity exercise was in the news today. Let’s do science: Don’t worry, I will make it easy. Background: It is known that exercise is good for the heart, even after stents or bypass. Historically, high intensity exercise was too scary to recommend for heart patients. Recently though, reports have suggested that high intensity exercise […]