About the Blog

DrJohnM is a medical blog that I began in 2009 on a whim without any grand plan. One thing led to another, and I was hooked.

I love being a learner. I feel like I’m behind. I spent so much time learning biology and medicine, I didn’t get to learn much else.

Mostly, I write about electrophysiology, cardiology, health, doctoring and, lately, the state of medical evidence.

The internet overflows with information on topics that I write about, like atrial fibrillation, for instance. My goal is not to replicate an encyclopedia, but to provide an inside-the-ropes look at things that I know and live.

The goals of DrJohnM:

  • To educate on the science of heart rhythm and general cardiac matters.
  • To emphasize the importance of healthy living choices for preventing heart disease—the most preventable disease.
  • To give an inside look at doctoring.


  1. Patient information is sufficiently changed and kept generic enough to protect the privacy of patients.
  2. My writings are not medical advice.  Discuss your treatment strategies with your doctor. I receive many request for advice. I can’t give medical advice over the internet.
  3. My opinions are my own, and are based on personal experiences. I will reference sources when applicable. Please do not confuse a blog post with a scientific paper or multi-referenced review article.
  4. If I am wrong about something, by all means point out my mistake. Bike-racing cardiologists have thick skin. Conversation makes a blog much better.
  5. WordPress requires your email to comment.  Your email address is kept confidential and will not ever be published.

Enjoy. Interact. School me.