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Goodwill, Mud, the Post…

Today was Storm the Greens, the last race of the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series. Goodwill was in abundance. Hearts did well today.

It was the Kentucky state CX championship. A win, plus 7 dollars gets you a barbecue sandwich.

My race: who cares. Had great legs. Left too much skin on the ground. 20 degress at night and 40 during the day makes for challenging conditions for this old man. Felt like a V8 on a shopping cart today.

Too much mud on those legs…
Today was the finale 0f 2009 for most local racers, as the national championship is a zillion miles away in Bend Oregon. A closure, a final chapter, a break, a time to find some new things like a good book or maybe a bowling league.

It was the last race at our old River Road Country Club. This parcel of land in which we drive are “green health machines,” is ably equipped with rolling grassy knobs, stretches of cart path, sand traps, parking, a building and earthen steps built of our own expense. Ride this venue at sunset and you might think this land was dropped down on Earth solely for cyclocross. If RRCC could speak, she would be saying, please get on your bike and enjoy my beauty. I guess despite all the above amenities it was felt better suited for chain linked fencing and our cities fourth dog run. Frown. Enough said, lest one consider me ungrateful for our new parcel of land at Eva Bandman Park.

Our cross home pre-chain-linked fence. The dogs will like it…
How about Lindsay, a huge shout out for riding her bike up stairs.


For Staci, a wonderful wife who arrived at 0700 in 25 degree weather and proceeded to work the outdoor (brrrr) registration booth all day. Why? She is good to me. Grin.

For Will. I so enjoy watching him and his colleagues race. He is focused, but so well grounded about this competition thing. This helps me.

Can you see joy? I can.
For Catherine, who goes to college in Louisville and watched Rachel and Erik’s baby, Ava Kay. This allowed us to have an incredible announcer. Good job, Rachel.

For a great bike team who are not only good riders but great buds.

For the goodness of the people who helped put this event on. “TNTC” is medical speak for “too numerous too count.” Naming names would undoubtedly result in an omission. You know who you are and so do we.

Storm the Greens was our (Papa John’s Masters) race and thus, our responsibility, but lo and behold, an army of goodwill materialized to shoulder the burden. It was palpable on Saturday and then again Sunday. Goodwill is “Clif Juice” for the soul and hence, good for the heart. Really, it is. There are studies that could be cited on the vascular benefits of goodwill-real science.


I hope that all who are in the “club” know my gratitude.

I hope that more join the club next year.

I hope those traveling to the cyclocross national championships in Bend enjoy the experience and do not hang anything too heavy on the “post.” What “post?” That post which holds your self worth, your happiness and your spirit. Important Rule: Do not hang race results on this post! Cycling for 99.99% of us should be a vehicle for enjoyment, health, friendship and adventure. Don’t let a broken chain, flat tire or bad legs ruin an experience of a lifetime. Oregon sounds like a really cool place to visit with friends.

Take some pics, make some notes, embed some memories. Consider a guest blog.



4 replies on “Goodwill, Mud, the Post…”

Dear Mr. M I loved your blog and you rocked the ocurse today. You and will did a fab job. Oh also thank you for fixing the stem on my bike.


John: Thanks for all your help with Nolan and the whole team this racing season. And Nolan did not even want to race cyclocross…now he can't get enough of it. You are a great coach and a great example to our kids.

Hey Mr.M, you had a great race!! so did will!!:0 It was a great way to finish the season!! and a lot of memories were gained!!!
it was a fun season!! all the traveling, the pool/ hot tub at the drury inn!! i enjoyed yelling laser like focus for the master of obvious!!

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