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CW: More on taking tests

The decision to write about exercise-related topics on Wednesdays wasn’t a coincidence. Across the globe, for cyclists’ with jobs, Wednesdays are frequently the training day. It’s that way here. So it is that I often write a Wednesday post immediately after what you could call a robust ride. Some say spirited, or heavy. You get […]

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Are pills better than exercise?

I recently wrote about the incredible sensations that come with vigorous exercise. Perhaps it was the post ride cannabinoid flurry, but it’s possible that I went too far in suggesting that ‘we’ (doctors, patients, the whole of Western Society) default first to pills before healthy living. Two commentors called me out on this snark. They […]

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He proved his point

“Your health account is your wealth account…Long live living long” –Jack Lalanne Though many triathletes try, few succeed in registering higher on the goofiness scale than the satin-skin-suit-clad fitness guru, Jack Lalanne.  I just couldn’t help grinning while I watched tonight’s evening-news recaps of his life; his grin and energy were infectious.  Just looking at […]

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A note to our educators…On Gym Class

This very important study on the importance of fitness in early adulthood almost passed me by. That is, until this sign at Walden caught my eye… Here is a study linking cardiovascular fitness in early adulthood with increased intelligence, better performance on cognitive tests and higher achievement later in life. In other words, being fit […]

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Indoors and happy…

Wednesday is an office day. A patient asks in a serious tone, “Hear you are a bike racer?” “Yes,” I answer. “Have you ever ridden in the Tour de France.” Pause. Huge Grin. Trying not to disappoint, I respond, “No, I started a little late in life.” I give you this file from today’s workout. […]

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Participation is cross…

Only one more weekend of cyclocross remains. Sundays have been so good. Community, participation, challenge, support and togetherness all are appropriate words. There are few sports where the whole family participates. Sunday cross begins in the AM and races go all day. Women, junior’s, 3 categories of men and then even the pro’s each get […]

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Cold weather and exercise…

The winter season is just around the corner. Exercising outdoors now becomes a little trickier. As a trained observer, it was obvious that many cyclocross racers were over dressed. I saw many red faces from head gear or tights and long sleeves. Saw the same things while coaching Cross Country running. It was a brisk […]