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CW: When old (primordial) news makes big news.

It’s 2012 already. Time flies; doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday when… I started this business more than two decades ago. A time when cell phones hadn’t even graced James Bond movies; we got up to change the channel on TV and the world health concern of the moment was a Hunger Games-like scenario […]

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Liquid plumber, Pacman and Heart disease…The Anacetrapib story

It beats 100,000 times per day. It pumps liters of blood per minute. If it stops, you stop, in about six seconds. For the human heart to contract this reliably, without hiccups, it requires a steady stream of nutrients. A healthy heart has clean pipes. There are two ways to keep pipes clear of blockage. […]

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Be positive… It is good for the heart.

My grandfather had many grin-inducing phrases; one of the more commonly heard was, “nice guys finish last.” Maybe in a cross race, but not so much with heart disease. More interesting news from November’s AHA meeting. Here, a study showing that patients who exhibit positive attitudes in the face of stress are much less likely […]