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Good for the earth and body…

Another story of symbiosis.

The UK journal Lancet, which many consider, the british equivalent of the NEJM, published 5 articles on the health benefits of reducing green house gases. Seems that what is good for the earth is good for us as well.

They claim…

“Walking and cycling more, driving less, switching to cleaner-burning stoves in developing countries and reducing meat and dairy consumption are among the easiest ways people can lower the output of carbon dioxide and methane gases that also curb the global disease burden, the studies said today.”
Lancet researchers are also masters of the obvious.
As climate change is a bit boring and too politically charged there will not be any droning on here.
The Mandrola clan are doing their part to reduce dairy consumption…

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Does less meat include poultry? I ALOT of chicken and turkey. What's your thoughts on Smart Balance butter. Slightly healthier option or sludge for your arteries? I use about a tablespoon a morning to cook my Egg Beaters.


Balance is the key. Saturated animal fat like red meat and swine are generally inflammatory to the arteries. Emphasizing the lean white meats and fish is best. The "oily" fishes like salmon etc are both good sources of protein and provide the beneficial (anti-inflammatory) fatty acids. Think almonds in this regard as well.

Eat real butter, just not so much. Smart balance is all chemically processed. Check this link out…
It is rare to read about inflammation as a the cause of heart disease.


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