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Banning toxins is not socialistic: It’s just smart…

Yesterday, I wrote that doctors might need help in getting our patients to make only modest changes in their lifestyle. Could our government help? Like the fat guy climbing the hill who needs a push, our patients need help. In Louisville, we have donuts worthy of feature stories in the local paper. The banning of […]

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Heart health in KY?

In athletics and in life, those in last place are usually there for a valid reason. Heart health in Kentucky is atrocious.  We are battling with Mississippi, WV and Alabama for dead last in most measures of public wellness. Yet, this week, Louisville’s director of Metro Department of Health and Wellness, Dr Adelawe Troutman, actually […]

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A maple frosted donut topped with bacon. Illustrative of KY’s sorry state of health…

The Courier-Journal had nutrition front and center the last two days. First up; the trans-fat issue. I know, you say boring. Maybe, but trans-fats are seriously toxic to your arteries(not Staci toxic-really toxic). They are inflammatory to the inner lining of the arteries. Sound smart: call this the “endothelium.” Trans-fats are man-made (not found in […]