Public health is on the ballot this Election Day

Credit: High Mark Foundation

The election I am going to watch today is in San Francisco. On the ballot there is Proposition E, an initiative to add a 2-cent tax for every once of sugary beverage. Choose Health SF, a group supporting the tax, estimates it would raise $54 million, which would go towards, get this: “funding active recreation […]

Observations from being “the family.”

It’s been a trying week for our family. You learn things when your people need healthcare. It’s an entirely different perspective. I am doctor; I’ve been a patient, but this was the first time being “the family.” Without going into details, (see her guest post), my wife Staci came to need the best that American […]

Leadership, teamwork, volunteerism and goodwill…makes stuff work


(Editor’s note: You can skip the words and toggle down to the images at the end.) This past week was about bike racing. As most of you know, I (and my wife and son) race bikes for a local cycling team. Our title sponsor is Papa John’s Pizza, which is headquartered in Louisville. It sounds […]

The cyclcocross community mourns the loss of American pro Amy Dombroski.

From Amy's twitter file

Amy Dombroski, an American cyclcocross racer, was killed today in Belgium. She was hit by a truck while on a training ride. The full story can be read at VeloNews. The ‘cross’ community is a tightly knit one. People know each other. It’s a small group of folks hearty enough to embrace the madness of […]

One more Cyclocross post…


Please forgive me. I am suffering from a cyclocross hangover. It is intense. Whenever someone asks me about my race or the UCI World Championships, I feel a surge of emotion. Simply put, watching our cycling heroes battle it out on our training ground was the most remarkable sporting event I have ever witnessed. And […]

My World’s CX race report

The start gird--frozen before the rains

A serious writer would not make habit of serving up frivolous race reports. Is chronicling the efforts of a watt-deficient middle-aged (grandfather) CX racer even worth the bandwidth? Perhaps not, but this was a special week in Louisville. And with all the seriousness in the world, a little tomfoolery might be soothing. I promise that […]

Cycling Wed: For fans of CX, these are the best of times

Dr John and Sven Nys

Shortly after starting this blog, a stranger came up to me at a cross-country meet and said that he liked my blog. Though I didn’t know him, he gave me advice that I think of often. “Use more pictures,” he recommended. Then he was gone. I was left with only that advice. With the UCI […]

In the Prime post up over at the Courier-Journal — The world championships of CX come to town

For fans of sport in America, the coming week is all about fast-twitch muscles, aggression and unapologetic showmanship. The Super Bowl has grown de facto into an American holiday. I get this. I watch football; the athleticism and intensity are compelling. But in our fair city, the next week witnesses a celebration of sport of […]

Top Ten Posts of 2012

CX pic from 2012

You may find this hard to believe but I really don’t look at my site’s stats much. In fact, just today I discovered that WordPress has a feature that ranks posts by views. I’m not going to give you my Top Ten just by ranking. Rather, I’ll mix in some of my favorites and those […]

Bike racing moments worth remembering

As I plodded along the cyclcocross track today a heckler shouted: “Hey Mandrola….blog about this.” By ‘this,’ I can only assume he meant how cool our sport is. He surely wasn’t heckling a doctor about a lackluster performance. Alright then. Mr. Heckler said blog on. —- A few weeks ago I received a tweet asking […]