My Concussion Story…

Concussions are serious. This I know from personal experience. My concussions changed my view of life. Thumps on the head are like that. My first concussion happened in a cyclocross race. The track had 2 grassy mounds, both about 3-feet high and in close succession. You approached them at speed. Physics dictate that going over […]

Will wearables and other gadgets make us healthier?

Is good health really all that digital? I am not so sure. I am a skeptic. I realize this is a risky thing to say these days. It’s hard to bet against Apple. And It was only seconds after Tweeting such doubt that John Nosta, an expert in digital health technology, tweeted back: @drjohnm Health […]

Public health is on the ballot this Election Day

Credit: High Mark Foundation

The election I am going to watch today is in San Francisco. On the ballot there is Proposition E, an initiative to add a 2-cent tax for every once of sugary beverage. Choose Health SF, a group supporting the tax, estimates it would raise $54 million, which would go towards, get this: “funding active recreation […]

Observations from being “the family.”

It’s been a trying week for our family. You learn things when your people need healthcare. It’s an entirely different perspective. I am doctor; I’ve been a patient, but this was the first time being “the family.” Without going into details, (see her guest post), my wife Staci came to need the best that American […]

Leadership, teamwork, volunteerism and goodwill…makes stuff work


(Editor’s note: You can skip the words and toggle down to the images at the end.) This past week was about bike racing. As most of you know, I (and my wife and son) race bikes for a local cycling team. Our title sponsor is Papa John’s Pizza, which is headquartered in Louisville. It sounds […]

The cyclcocross community mourns the loss of American pro Amy Dombroski.

From Amy's twitter file

Amy Dombroski, an American cyclcocross racer, was killed today in Belgium. She was hit by a truck while on a training ride. The full story can be read at VeloNews. The ‘cross’ community is a tightly knit one. People know each other. It’s a small group of folks hearty enough to embrace the madness of […]

One more Cyclocross post…


Please forgive me. I am suffering from a cyclocross hangover. It is intense. Whenever someone asks me about my race or the UCI World Championships, I feel a surge of emotion. Simply put, watching our cycling heroes battle it out on our training ground was the most remarkable sporting event I have ever witnessed. And […]

My World’s CX race report

The start gird--frozen before the rains

A serious writer would not make habit of serving up frivolous race reports. Is chronicling the efforts of a watt-deficient middle-aged (grandfather) CX racer even worth the bandwidth? Perhaps not, but this was a special week in Louisville. And with all the seriousness in the world, a little tomfoolery might be soothing. I promise that […]

Cycling Wed: For fans of CX, these are the best of times

Dr John and Sven Nys

Shortly after starting this blog, a stranger came up to me at a cross-country meet and said that he liked my blog. Though I didn’t know him, he gave me advice that I think of often. “Use more pictures,” he recommended. Then he was gone. I was left with only that advice. With the UCI […]

In the Prime post up over at the Courier-Journal — The world championships of CX come to town

For fans of sport in America, the coming week is all about fast-twitch muscles, aggression and unapologetic showmanship. The Super Bowl has grown de facto into an American holiday. I get this. I watch football; the athleticism and intensity are compelling. But in our fair city, the next week witnesses a celebration of sport of […]