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The parallax of healthcare reform: A real-life story

My last post centered upon the funny-sounding word, ‘parallax.’ I was using it to describe how middle-age athletes see their sport. But it seems to me that parallax relates to healthcare policy. First, the definition: Parallax: an apparent change in the position of an object resulting from a change in position of the observer. Here […]

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New Chapters…More parallax!

This weekend’s Ohio Valley Cyclocross finale marked our family’s end to another great season of bike racing. The drenching rains made for true CX conditions. There’s just something about racing a bike through ankle deep mud that’s inherently uplifting. Math folks call such a common denominator. This pic of teammate and pal, Rachel Fagerburg sums […]

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Big news in AF ablation from HRS 2016

I have recently returned from the 2016 Heart Rhythm Society Sessions in San Francisco. I wrote three articles for Medscape. I also did two podcasts from HRS. I will link these below. You need to sign up for Medscape (free) to read the essays and listen to the podcast. In the first article, I discussed […]

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My Concussion Story…

Concussions are serious. This I know from personal experience. My concussions changed my view of life. Thumps on the head are like that. My first concussion happened in a cyclocross race. The track had 2 grassy mounds, both about 3-feet high and in close succession. You approached them at speed. Physics dictate that going over […]

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Healthy Privilege, Social Fabric, Education — Perspective means a lot.

Perhaps writing about health matters from the perspective of a cardiologist/bike racer is a little like parenting: At times the message seems less than compassionate, even though it’s born out of concern for others, knowledge and a tincture of middle-age experience. The many excellent comments on my recent telomere/heart-health post stirred me to write a […]


Would you know what to do?

At its core, this blog aims to do some good. I don’t like to ask for things. It’s not why I write. Today is an exception. I’m going to ask you to learn about and maybe support an important cause. The topic is sudden cardiac death–our number-one killer. There are a lot of folks working […]


My ICD presentation to a Hospice and Palliative Care Group

Last night I gave a twenty-minute presentation on ICDs to a group of hospice and palliative care professionals. It was a real honor to speak to such an enlightened and dedicated group of caregivers. These are people who really get it. I wasn’t restricted in what to say about ICDs. They kindly gave me plenty […]

Atrial fibrillation Dabigatran/Rivaroxaban/Apixaban

New post up on Trials and Fibrillation blog: Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban and Apixaban

For 57 years, doctors and patients have eagerly awaited an adequate substitute for the maligned blood thinner, warfarin. Now they are here. Boy are they ever. There has been oodles written about the new blood thinners, dabigatran (Pradaxa), rivaroxaban (Xarelto) and apixaban (soon to be Eliquis). As you might expect, thinning the blood with a […]

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Grand Rounds: February 14th, 2012–Valentine’s Day version

To those who submitted posts, I say thanks. I appreciate that you did. Medical Grand Rounds keeps going because of you, the medical blogger. Your voice, your impressions, your passions and your human stories make our field such a great canvas. Let’s get it started: A Hand of Hearts: I was delighted that one of […]

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CW: The dangerous road to the hay bale: EPO in masters racing

The desire is there.  A longing to stand on those rickety rain-soaked hay bales after a hard fought race.  To win, to twist someone’s legs off, or perhaps, just to here someone refer to you as a “good rider” fuels the fires of self-validation. And these visceral desires are not only the domain of professional […]

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An old girlfriend is back…

Having friends to ride with is good.  I’ve missed riding with her.  We rode last night, and it was nice. She is of bavarian heritage, a little over-engineered, possibly. Unfortunately, of late, she has spent a great deal of time either too sick to accompany me on rides, or even worse, she has been away […]