Super Tuesday Version of Medical Grand Rounds is up.

Hey friends, You will not want to miss this week’s version of Medical Grand Rounds. It’s hosted by the ever passionate Dr Rob Lamberts on his blog entitled More Musings (of a Distractible Kind) . Here’s a doctor for whom it still matters. So much does Dr Rob care that he tackled a topic that […]

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Grand Rounds: February 14th, 2012–Valentine’s Day version

To those who submitted posts, I say thanks. I appreciate that you did. Medical Grand Rounds keeps going because of you, the medical blogger. Your voice, your impressions, your passions and your human stories make our field such a great canvas. Let’s get it started: A Hand of Hearts: I was delighted that one of […]


Please submit a post for Valentine’s Day Grand Rounds

Hey All, Next Tuesday, February 14th, I will be hosting a Valentine’s Day version of Medical Grand Rounds. @GrandRounds is a weekly roundup of submitted posts from medical bloggers, the world over. Each week a host agrees to organize and link the many submissions. This week’s GR was hosted by the one and only EndoGoddess. […]


Grand Rounds is on USA Today!

Hey All, Thanks to the hard work of Dr Val Jones (@drVal), this week’s Grand Rounds is being hosted on USA Today Your Health. Along with my post on Medical Blogging. there are 55 posts from many of the web’s best medical bloggers. It will lake a while to work through this sea of great […]

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Electrophysiologist hosting Grand Rounds, again…

This week, another of my EP colleagues, Dr Rich is hosting the weekly medical blog carnival, Grand Rounds. A reader gets to enjoy, not only the many great entries, but also the distinctive, unique and entertaining writing style of Dr Rich. While you are visiting his site, I’d suggest poking around and reading Rich’s views on […]

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Grand Rounds, December 14th 2010

Hey all. Welcome to another edition of Grand Rounds, a collection of writings from medical bloggers, the world-wide. Here are this week’s posts, collated into four chapters, with just a little commentary and a few selected images. Chapter 1:  Good Doctoring: —From the poetic Examining Room of Dr Charles, comes the imagery of a doctor’s […]

A Call for Grand Rounds Submissions

I will be hosting the next edition of Grand Rounds on Tuesday, December 14th. Grand Rounds? Grand Rounds is a weekly rotating summary of the best health and medical posts in the blogosphere.  Grand Rounds, established in 2003 by Dr Nicholas Genes, is the oldest and most popular medical blog “carnival” on the Internet.  An […]

Grand Rounds is up

This week’s Medical Grand Rounds–Indecision 2010:  Politically (In)Correct Edition–was hosted by the prolific medical blogger, Dr Wes Fisher. Check it out. And yes, in the spirit of self-promotion known to all bloggers, yours truly has a mention. JMM