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Ten random thoughts on the 2013 Tour de France

It’s been tough getting much done the past three weeks. I must admit an affliction. I’m hooked on TDF coverage. High definition TV and DVRs have only made it worse. For the record, my affliction began before Lance–and it remains now, undiminished. Here are ten random thoughts on #TDF2013: 1. Chris Froome seems like a […]

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Tour de France cyclist comes back from Atrial Fibrillation

I thought this was interesting: Six-placed Tour finisher Haimar Zubeldia, who rides for the US-based RadioShack/Nissan/Trek team, disclosed that he sat out for three months earlier this season for “persistent atrial fibrillation.” As reported by, Mr Zubeldia said this in his statement: “I had four weeks of complete rest and treatment.” Fortunately, “everything went […]

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Three Words: Tour de France

I try to avoid posting personal stuff here. My life is not that interesting. A very funny and gregarious friend helped teach me this lesson very early in my blogging career. JT once mistakenly referred to my blog as: “” Though that made me laugh, especially with the expletives added, the concept sticks in my […]

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Cycling Wed: What if Lance Armstrong doped?

Commentary on the latest nutrition and exercise science will have to wait. I just whacked my head on low-hanging fruit for Cycling Wednesday. Today’s Washington Post report on Lance Armstrong’s newest (and most serious) doping allegations has set Twitter and Facebook abuzz. Though The United States Anti-Doping Agency (or USADA) cannot bring criminal charges, their […]

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CW: 2011Tour notes…

This Wednesday, I am going to break away from medical topics. I will drop the biological vernacular, distancing myself from terms like sarcomeres, ion channels and inflammatory markers. Rather, I will pedal my thoughts on a bike racers’ biggest distraction each July: The Tour de France. Okay, that’s enough cycling-related action verbs. Sorry. But this […]

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CW: Forgiveness and heart-health…at the Tour de France?

Few sporting events cause more inflammation than the Tour de France. It’s long, fast, tiring, and stressful. These facts are not news, and neither are crashes. By now, many of you have seen or heard that crashes have marred the first week of this year’s Tour. Even before the first day in the mountains, potential […]

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Cycling Wed: My favorite TDF story so far…

In America, and in the doctor’s lounge, news about the Tour de France parallels news about Lance. But ask bike racers what they think is the most compelling story of this year’s Tour, and Lance is far down the list. That’s OK for me, it doesn’t diminish the most colossal bike race ever. Want a […]

Could this be the most interesting Tour yet…

He is a liar.  A really profound one at that.  He took donated money for his legal defense, which was a lie.  Then he wrote a book filled with lies. How do we know this for sure? Because now he says he lied, and this time it’s the truth. As reported in an opportunistically timed […]