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Why didn’t anybody listen to Lemond? Why don’t we learn from history?

I began cycling for real in the 1990s. This was in no small part due to Greg Lemond. He was an American sporting hero. And, as history teaches us, he still is, now more than ever. History reveals so much. Darn hindsight is crystal clear. In the late 1990s through 2005, when Lance Armstrong’s unbelievable […]

Cycling Wed inflammation

CW: An inflamed day for cycling

You have watched the videos. Heard the testimonials. Read the books. Floyd’s was a little sketchy, but the frankness and details of Tyler’s connected the dots. You re-watched the videos. How could he ride those guys off his wheel so easily? You still aren’t convinced. You want to believe, which of course is a normal […]

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CW: The Secret Race — The end of magical thinking in pro cycling?

Here’s what I was learning: secrets are poison. They suck the life out of you, they steal your ability to live in the present, they build walls between you and the people you love. Tyler Hamilton, The Secret Race It seems frivolous at times: to be so rabid a fan that I would actually take […]

Cycling Wed Reflection

Cycling Wed: Be wrong Sports Illustrated

Every morning I rest my coat on a chair in a shared office that has this picture on the wall. My son and I were glued to the TV that day.  We cheered loudly and hugged each other after Lance rose up from the pavement and stomped away from his rivals.  (Rivals that have subsequently […]

Could this be the most interesting Tour yet…

He is a liar.  A really profound one at that.  He took donated money for his legal defense, which was a lie.  Then he wrote a book filled with lies. How do we know this for sure? Because now he says he lied, and this time it’s the truth. As reported in an opportunistically timed […]