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CW: Forgiveness and heart-health…at the Tour de France?

Few sporting events cause more inflammation than the Tour de France. It’s long, fast, tiring, and stressful. These facts are not news, and neither are crashes. By now, many of you have seen or heard that crashes have marred the first week of this year’s Tour. Even before the first day in the mountains, potential […]

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Cycling Wed: Dear Motorist…We are you.

All is well.  It is a great day. You are riding smoothly with friends along a rolling hillside road. It is a peaceful spring morning; there is steam floating off the farmer’s pond, the warmth of the sun warms your body.  For the moment life is just right. Then it is not. Suddenly, without warning […]

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Bike friendly is a relative term…

It is pretty cool that my town, Louisville, KY, was named the 21st best cycling city, by Bicycling magazine.  Each city gets one picture in the feature, and Louisville’s snapshot features yours truly on the tandem with Will as stoker, my best-friend Bob Bobrow to our right, and one of the Mandrola’s favorite teenagers, Andrew […]