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In the Prime post is up over at the Courier-Journal — Fish oil supplements

What do I think of the recent data on dietary fish oil supplements?

Two hints:

Think “free lunch.”

And this:

“What your grandmother knew to be true is still true…”

I hope you head over to In the Prime/Voices and take a look at my take of the recent news concerning yet another cracked pillar in Cardiology. That swinging pendulum is wreaking havoc on dogma.

Here is the link: Fish oil supplements รขโ‚ฌโ€ there is no free lunch.




4 replies on “In the Prime post is up over at the Courier-Journal — Fish oil supplements”

If its not useful for prevention, should we be using it in the immediate aftermath of stroke and TBI? For reductions in the neuronal cascade of death and better connections between neurons? It’s one of those Ignorance topics Dr. Firestein would like.

Thanks for the heads up about the fish oil tablets. I will be all too happy to replace them with tuna and salmon. Just as another cheap shot, both of my Alabama born and bred grandmothers would have battered and fried that fish and served it up with a big scoop of macaroni and cheese and some deep fried okra or green tomatoes.

I grew up on that diet and I miss it! I miss green beans with fatback, too. To my southern palate, the healthy stuff just can’t compete. However, these days we dutifully eat our steamed broccoli.

Interesting article.

FWIW: I have been taking fish oil for about twenty years.

First the good news:
I am 76 years old, my heart and arteries are clean, (no detectable plaque), and I am in general excellent health. Resting natural pulse rate 50 to 60 ppm/

Now for the bad news:
Last April I developed permanent AFIB after 5 years of unrecognized bouts of paroxysmal AFIB, apparently associated with mild sleep apnea. Recently TIKOSYN antiarrrhymic plus Cardioversion (shock), brought back my sinus rhythm, but only for 5 days. ๐Ÿ™
I ate plenty of cold water fish in my early years in the UK.
But still not giving up on the fish oil. Was fed cod liver oil and malt as a kid in the early WW2 forties; even some whale meat in the fifties.
I guess ya pays yer money and ya places yer bet?

I may be a potential ablation customer when the community can give me better odds at five years. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I really appreciate the clarity of your thoughts, and their expression, both here and on Heartwire.
Thank you so much!

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