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What is cyclocross?

A lot of people ask about cyclocross.

What is it exactly? You ride a bike where? And you jump off and run?

I’ve tried to explain the sport with words. That’s a tall order. Words hardly do it  justice.

Through the magic of social media and YouTube, I found a defining video capture.

It happened last weekend in a place called Zonhoven Belgium.

This course is ridiculous. The racing incredible. Downhill sand. Then uphill sand. Then turns in sand.

It’s a long video. The beginning minutes are highlights from the junior races. The pros start at 18:30. They race for an hour. The last lap features two former World champions (Sven Nys and Niels Albert) attacking each other with all they had. Look at their faces. Watch those skills. Check out the fans. This, my friends, is CX at its best.

What I am still pinching myself about is that these guys (and a strong group of Americans) will be racing for the World Championships on our Wednesday night circuit here in Louisville in just a couple of months. That’s off-the-charts cool.

If you decide to come watch, send me a tweet.