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Reach out and try…On Racing and Ablating

I give you this outstanding piece on the essence of cyclocross. On this same day that “runzen” pens this treatise, our PapaJohn’s sponsored Storm the Greens gets a really nice shout-out in the CJ. There is little to add to “runzen,” except to spin the sensations described into the larger picture of health and life. And, to add a few illustrations of the challenges of racing.
The faces…

The focus…

Although the specifics encompass racing, the concepts that “runzen” so eloquently describe, act metaphorically to illustrate some ideas on life.
Anticipation, fear, tension and subsequent exhilaration all are appropriate words for racing, be it, on foot, bike or whichever. Shouldn’t life encompass some of these sensations, some of the time? Should we not push ourselves slightly out of that comfort zone once in awhile? If not, might there be a danger of mundane-ness? What if every day and every weekend were free of challenges, no adrenaline rushes, and there is this bubble of comfort all the time?
As I type, the similarities in electrophysiology and bicycle racing become evident. The unpredictability of catheter ablation and device implant surgery often induce a fraction of those same pre-race jitters. “Sherry, come on here-burn,” I say, as the catheter falls right on that perfect spot. Ahhh, the exhilaration, as the life threatening 220bpm inducing pathway disappears. As Napoleon Dynamite says, “Yesssss.”
No, no, no, I am not saying that life devoid of racing is boring or melancholy. Rather, it seems to me that occasionally tip-toeing out of that comfort zone is good for the “spirit” and what is good for the “spirit” is good for the heart.
Go, try, experiment, fall down, get up – live.
“Go bike”

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Great post, Dr. You really do need to venture into the places that scare you. Not in a reckless manner but to grow.

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