Pre-Race sensations… it still matters.

Tomorrow is the USGP of cyclocross. It is a huge race for cyclocross fans and racers. There are most of the top domestic professionals, their entourage, an expo, a beer tent and huge fields of racers. Louisville is lucky to have such an event. As a Louisvillian, it surprises me that such a show would come here. Putting it in perspective, it would akin to a Tour de France stage coming to town or more geographically appropriate, a NASCAR race.

Yep; I am racing tomorrow in the masters 45+ category. Why? Hard to say exactly. Because I am still able. Like a golfer who cranks that 300 yard drive down the middle, one still searches for that perfect race. Good legs, good skills and good luck. The heart, muscles and brain all on the same wavelength.
Nervous? Sure you are. You may be dropped. You may crash and someone posts a video of it on the internet. Is this good?
Why would a 46 year old care? I am not sure why, but am certain that for those who pin numbers and line up on the starting grid “it still matters.”
Is cross racing as a 46 year a metaphor for other life endeavors? I think so. Referrals form my colleagues, my ability in the EP lab, relationships with patients and keeping up with modern medical practice all matter. As in cross, I am not a famous Mayo Clinic electrophysiologist, but still strive to be the best I can. Like cross, I call my old mentors for advice, read medical journals and think about tough cases at night. It still matters.
Here’s to good legs and spirit this weekend.

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