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Surprising revelations from Cardiology leaders…

Six hundred seventy dollars per year is the cost for my membership to the American College of Cardiology. With this comes the bimonthly Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). This May’s edition of JACC features two incredibly comment-able pieces. Exhibit A, in the better late than never category, is Dr Anthony DeMaria’s piece […]

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The tale of two attractions…

The past few days, instead of the usual labors in the EP lab, I spent 48 hours as a parent chaperone on an out-of-town middle school field trip.  The schedule was frantic, befitting a 13 year old much more so than a 46 year old.  But that’s another story.  Suffice it to say, that AF […]

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Kind words and the Grin…

I loved this fable. Kind words and grinning is good for the heart. You can just feel it. (Be forewarned, it is 15 minutes, and this I know breaks basic blog rules.) Thanks, to Chris Kaiser at CV business for sending it to me. JMM

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Banning toxins is not socialistic: It’s just smart…

Yesterday, I wrote that doctors might need help in getting our patients to make only modest changes in their lifestyle. Could our government help? Like the fat guy climbing the hill who needs a push, our patients need help. In Louisville, we have donuts worthy of feature stories in the local paper. The banning of […]

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Success in heart health stems from the simple…

The solution is so easy.  It sits right before our eyes.  The methodology is known. Small Steps to Heart Health was big headlines in today’s WSJ.  As if the secret was revealed. The report succinctly argues that simple lifestyle choices, like daily exercise and better nutrition are surprisingly successful. Shocking! As an illustration of a […]

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Heart health in KY?

In athletics and in life, those in last place are usually there for a valid reason. Heart health in Kentucky is atrocious.  We are battling with Mississippi, WV and Alabama for dead last in most measures of public wellness. Yet, this week, Louisville’s director of Metro Department of Health and Wellness, Dr Adelawe Troutman, actually […]

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No skin in the game..

Nearly every day an email comes with medical news and it is truly remarkable how many repetitive studies are done, which show adherence to the usual lifestyle factors, diet, exercise and cessation of smoking improve outcomes. This past week the Go Red for Women Hearts is yet another proclamation, specifically to women, to get with […]

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A note to our educators…On Gym Class

This very important study on the importance of fitness in early adulthood almost passed me by. That is, until this sign at Walden caught my eye… Here is a study linking cardiovascular fitness in early adulthood with increased intelligence, better performance on cognitive tests and higher achievement later in life. In other words, being fit […]