Please submit a post for Valentine’s Day Grand Rounds

Hey All,

Next Tuesday, February 14th, I will be hosting a Valentine’s Day version of Medical Grand Rounds. @GrandRounds is a weekly roundup of submitted posts from medical bloggers, the world over. Each week a host agrees to organize and link the many submissions.

This week’s GR was hosted by the one and only EndoGoddess.

Grand Rounds has undergone some changes recently. Some felt it had grown too large, bloated and perhaps the reach of social media had rendered it passe. Remedies were sought, and implemented.

One such remedy–a favorite of mine–is that the host accept the best ten submissions. The idea here highlights an important philosophy for success: less is often more!

Please don’t misunderstand; I realize, very clearly, that my qualifications for judging writing are highly dubious. But…I am the host, and a rule follower extraordinaire.

Here’s my take on submissions:

Since it will be the Valentine’s day version of GR and I am a heart doctor, let’s make the theme somehow related to the heart. But please consider this a very loose association. I welcome and embrace imagination. And those that stretch farcical and arbitrary rules for the greater good hold a special place in my heart. More on the heart theme: data clearly suggest that laughter is heart-healthy. You could even action verb it: I ‘heart’ checklists and protocols because…

My other request, criticize it if you wish, is for brevity. Pretty please.

Please submit posts to my email: john dot mandrola at gmail dot com. Put ‘Grand Rounds’ in the subject line. (Deadline–1800–Sunday Feb 12th)