A Call for Grand Rounds Submissions

I will be hosting the next edition of Grand Rounds on Tuesday, December 14th.

Grand Rounds?

Grand Rounds is a weekly rotating summary of the best health and medical posts in the blogosphere.  Grand Rounds, established in 2003 by Dr Nicholas Genes, is the oldest and most popular medical blog “carnival” on the Internet.  An archive of previous editions and upcoming calendar is here.

Hosts of Grand Rounds sometimes incorporate a theme of the week.  For my first time hosting, the master of the obvious in me suggests that an open format for submissions is best.  So feel free to submit a topic of your choice.


(As a newbie, an MS III of the medical blog world, a post on what drives you to write and maintain your blog would interest me—and perhaps the readers as well. An end of the year reflection, so to speak.  But you don’t have to.)

I’m very nervous about hosting. It feels like it did the first time I presented a morning report in residency.  The audience was filled with respected and experienced people, and there I was—an utter beginner—at the podium trying to act knowledgeable.

Submissions are due next Sunday, December 12th at 1800 (EST).

Send your posts to john.mandrola[at]gmail.com

In the subject line place use “Grand Rounds Submission.”  In the body of the email, include the post’s title, url, and blog url. Also, throw me a holiday present and provide me a post description and/or an intro about yourself (if we haven’t yet ‘met’).



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I want you to know you're not alone in having "host nerves." I was nervous when I hosted Grand Rounds too. First I worried no one would send me anything. Then I was convinced my computer would crash or my scheduled early morning post wouldn't work. I think I got four hours of sleep that night. In spite of that, I loved doing it, it was a lot of fun. You'll do great!

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