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Graduation Day… From Blogger to Author

Hi all, I have graduated from blogger to author. My first book is now available. It’s called the Haywire Heart. I co-wrote it with Chris Case and Lennard Zinn. VeloPress is the publisher. The book deals with one of my favorite themes: heart conditions in endurance athletes. Although exercise is a key component of health, […]

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Science Needs Data Sharing Like Sports Needs Doping Controls

I’ve got a good story for you. One that goes back to the early days of this blog, a time when I wrote about cycling. It turns out that the biggest medical news thus far in 2016 has a connection, albeit slight, to the recent doping news out of Belgium. You’ve heard the news from […]

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Update: Baltimore, Safety in AF ablation, Podcasts, and some personal notes

On Baltimore: Human beings rioting in the streets of an American city forced cancellation of an important cardiology meeting. This is a vivid example that doctors do not practice in a vacuum. We are connected to this world. Here in Louisville, just a few miles north, an HIV crisis runs amok because of IV drug […]

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An update on cycling and writing and video (gulp)

Hi all, Things have changed for me. I have taken on a larger role at | Medscape Cardiology. This means I have less time for hefty original posts here. (This site is not closing–just changing.) I write and read a lot more, though. Almost every day. Writing has morphed into what cycling was: a […]

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Writing update: Lown Institute Conference and ACC2015

Hi all, I have been busy in the last few weeks. Here is an update of my happenings and posts. From March 8-11, I attended and presented at the third annual Lown Institute Conference in San Diego. I have never felt more at home in a conference than I did at the Lown conference. Take […]

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Athletes, AF, Anticoagulants, Statins, Peanuts, and Dishwashers

Here is an update on my recent writing. Athletes and AF: I was honored to be invited back to the Western AF symposium in Park City, Utah. Last year, I presented on social media. This year, Dr. Nassir Marrouche (University of Utah) asked me to tackle the topic of atrial fibrillation in athletes. This is […]

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Introducing Dr. Staci Mandrola — @DrStaciM

It took me four years to convince my wife, Dr. Staci Mandrola, to join Twitter. Like many (previously) analog docs, Staci was resistant. “I don’t need another distraction,” went one of the arguments. Yet I knew if she tried Twitter, she would love the medium. If you care about a topic, if you are curious, […]

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I will host Hospice and Palliative Care Tweet Chat — #HPM

This Wednesday Feb 11th, at 9 PM EST, one day after PBS Frontline features Dr. Atul Gawande and his new book Being Mortal, I will guest host the Hospice and Palliative Care (#HPM) Tweet Chat. Dr. Christian Sinclair is a physician leader in HPM and a co-editor of Pallimed. He recently commented on my stewardship piece […]

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Ten things I recently learned (and sort of knew) about social media

I am prepping for an upcoming talk on using social medial to improve health care delivery. The thing about these sorts of lectures is that canned talks have no shelf life. What does in the digital era? It is strange that I get asked to talk with other doctors about digital media. I am hardly […]

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Medicine, lifestyle disease and the pool-safety post

What follows is an introduction to my most recent post on | Medscape Cardiology. It was published yesterday. Many of the comments are excellent. The link is at the end of this post. You might wonder what pool-safety has to do with lifestyle disease. Here is how they relate: I am currently reading an […]

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Where is Cardiology in 2014? An AHA Review

Last week, I attended the American Heart Association (AHA) 2014 Scientific Sessions in Chicago. I was there as both a learner and physician-writer for Here are a few paragraphs on the meeting. The main purpose of this post is to introduce the five editorials I wrote. The links to the posts are at the […]