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Joe Kraus — Powerful words on the downside of social media

My son and I watched this video yesterday. We both caught ourselves nodding in agreement. I’m sharing Mr. Joe Kraus’ ( words because they so nicely highlight the struggles that come from living in this hyper-connected society. Enjoy. (I realize 15:31 is an eternity. Sorry about that. I still think it’s worth it.) I always […]

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Six Reasons Why (I) Doctors Blog…

The Practice of Medicine inspires I feel compelled to write because I am passionate about my work. For most doctors, Medicine plays out like a roller coaster—ups, downs and plenty of whooshes. It’s rarely dull. Doctor writers care about their work; we want it to be better. We need to tell the stories, and hope […]

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One of the coolest things about keeping a medical blog is interacting with people. It’s immensely gratifying to hear from folks that stumble upon my site. Take this example: While cooling down after tonight’s ride, a cycling friend and ER doc mentioned that my website turned up on his Google search of the new blood-thinner […]