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Graduation Day… From Blogger to Author

Hi all,

I have graduated from blogger to author. My first book is now available. It’s called the Haywire Heart. I co-wrote it with Chris Case and Lennard Zinn. VeloPress is the publisher.

The Haywire Heart by Lennard Zinn, Dr. John Mandrola, and Chris Case
The Haywire Heart by Lennard Zinn, Dr. John Mandrola, and Chris Case

The book deals with one of my favorite themes: heart conditions in endurance athletes.

Although exercise is a key component of health, excess exercise can lead to heart problems. In nine chapters and about 300 pages, the Haywire Heart attempts to be a comprehensive review of the topic. Chris and Lennard are terrific writers. All three of us are endurance athletes. Lennard had to stop racing because of atrial arrhythmia.

The book is available now at VeloPress. It’s being made into electronic format, which is expected soon. Runners World and Triathlete Magazine have featured the Haywire Heart as picks for 2016. That’s nice.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for your support through these 6 years.


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Donald, I did not race cross this year, but I am still an avid cyclist. I don’t drive my car much. I ride every day to work–rain or shine. I do group rides. I rotate in pacelines. I attack the group when I can. Lately, I’ve delved into running–trying to make it under 40 min for a 10k. I ran 1:32 in a half last year. You are correct about cycling wed. I write now mostly professionally for Medscape, including a weekly podcast. I’ve also done some academic writing. Plus, work as an electrophysiologist is as busy as ever. It’s weird, I work harder now than I ever did. Medical school and residency were a picnic compared to real life. Grin…You know, this response could have been an entire blog post. Grin.

Right on Dr. John!
I have followed you since 2007/8 when my heart started doing those weird things that forced me to first be in denial, I can go hard even if my heart wants to beat out some strange rhythm. Secondly to continue to be in denial some more and on and on. Eight cardioversions and three ablations over seven years and taking to heart all you have shared about a-fib i can now say my heart and I are in sync. I still have immense fun pushing myself but know when to say enough. Having a stable heart is a gift I plan to keep. Thank you for all the wisdom you have shared with our community. I am looking forward to reading your new book. Cheers!

I just ordered the book from Velopress. Looking forward to reading it from cover to cover. Battling this “riddle” since 2012, 3 cardioversions, 4 self conversions (while cycling) so far. Kicking the can, an ablation, down the road for now. Congrats on the book.

So excited to pre-order your book! You are such an accomplished writer. I appreciate your brevity, wit and intense focus on content accuracy. And that you care so much about careful care.

Break a leg Dr. John!

Jaynie Martz-Johnston

John, have you ever had thoughts about EECP? I searched your website and didn’t see any comments. Seems to be a very well kept secret. If I were a conspiracy theorist I might believe that it is kept a secret because there are no big $$$ in it for cardiac surgeons.

Very pleased with what it has done for me. Echocardiogram next week to hopefully document improvement, but meanwhile my bike riding buddies ask, “Don, what has got into you? You are kicking ass!” If it is all placebo effect, then placebo effect is strong medicine in this case and I will take that!

After two years stable and doing pretty good but with damaged stamina and wind I feel I am much closer to my pre-SCA strength.

Non-invasive and virtually risk and side-effect free. Just takes a serious time commitment which is fine with me.

So glad a friend told me about this. I like my cardiologist but I remember specifically telling him I want to do EVERYTHING possible for my cardiovascular health. He mentioned mediterranean diet, weight is already pretty good, we (more or less) agree on my meds, (I push for minimal), I get plenty of exercise. Not one word about EECP despite Legacy heart Care offers it two blocks from his office.

A patient who is not strongly pro-active or has a strongly pro-active family member loses out.

Don in Austin

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