In the Prime post up over at the Courier-Journal –Nighttime eating and biology.

An admission: In the evening, I like to snack. Perhaps you do too?

It’s a common problem. A weakness even.

Or is it?

I used to think it didn’t matter what time one eats. It’s simple arithmetic: eat fewer calories than you burn off and all would be well.

But maybe I was wrong. (Shhh).

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  1. Makes me wonder if it’s not just the excess endurance exercise that directly contributes to heart issues, but the way in which most competitive endurance athletes eat – ingesting huge amounts of carbs throughout the day. Could this chronic state of insulin spiking be more of a factor in the systemic inflammatory state than the exercise itself? There’s a growing mass of endurance athletes that are moving to low-carb diets.

    1. You make a good point. Though this is only an anecdotal observation, I’ve often seen masters-aged athletes fall into lousy food-choice patterns.

      I agree that the inflammation story has many chapters. Exercise surely confers health benefits, but it does not inoculate one from ingestion of inflammation-inducing food.

      The table of wellness has four legs: good movement, good food, good rest and good attitude.

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