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Sundays are more than just cycling…

Sundays in the fall means cross racing: today, at the Gun Club in Miamiville OH. The famous podcaster, John G, and company put on a nice show.
Racing wise, my story is not so good- a dropped chain, flat tire and not so good legs. “Not so good legs” is cyclist speak for just not having the snap that you sometimes have. For unknown reasons this fall, that snap is eluding me more than usual. Oh well. As always though, droning on about cycling would be boring to most.
Other notables:
Driving to and from the race with “realtor of the year,” John May, Flower, our new friend and ace CX mechanic, Brian, “the bearded guy,” Andriot and little John May. Young John-John helped me in the pit after my flat. Thanks! As all bike racers know, who you drive with makes a huge difference. These guys are great. For the record, 4 guys, 1 teen, 6 bikes, 4 huge bags, 14 wheels, 3 trainers and one iphone.
Even with all the mishaps in the race today, third place gets you a cash payout. It still amazes me how hard grown men race for a few twenties. Runners run for trophies or ribbons, triathletes race for finisher tee shirts, swimmers for medals, but Masters cyclists get in on for cold cash.
Will is recovering from a febrile illness (doctor speak) this week. I missed him today. I thought of him a bunch and am glad he is better.
Tonight was a baby shower team dinner for Splinter and Terra. They are about perfect.
Havana Rumba is a nice place. Good friends are nice. The team is a like a comfy chair. You feel comfortable with them. Why? Not because they race bikes like you, but rather, because you get the feeling they feel comfortable too. This is good. Really good. I may have been wrong telling Cat that too many friends are a negative.
I also had my best bud with me. Note the 40+ reading glasses.
Not only is she easy too look at; she also does this…
A wife that rides the green monster. Sweet.

Some cardiologists go to the “Heart Gala,”- a black tie affair. That’s not how the Mandrola’s roll. I’m good with that.

I found a new bike this week. Watch out Clayton and Andrew.