Cycling Stuff Reflection

Congrats to my good friend, Flower

Friends are good.

Today was the USGP. A big day for us bike racers. My teammates Erik and Mike raced with me in the 45+ Masters race. As expected their was a huge crowd of many folks we know.

Mike is riding great. He even has a white leaders jersey. Yep, just like in the Tour. Remember all, this is a series of 45+ year old guys with jobs and families. That’s pretty cool.
Erik (AKA Flower) and I have been riding a few seconds behind Mike all season. Today though, was different. Despite a bad start, Erik grinded (its a blog so I am using grinded) his way past me and up to the leaders. He had great legs. Once up front, he attacked and rode away for the win. The win! In Louisville, at a national caliber bike race. This was no Cherokee mountain bike race.
I am happy for him. Erik is a good bud, a real friend. His wife Rachel, the “Voice of the Ville” was announcing the race while hubby was drilling the rest of the field out. How cool is that?
Here’s Rachel…Sweet.
Here’s to hoping that when Erik goes by me tomorrow, I have the legs to jump on.
Tomorrow I will have Will and Staci with me. Grin.