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New post up on Trials and Fibrillations…Apixaban (Eliquis) was supposed to beat Pradaxa and Xarelto?

There was big news this week on the much-anticipated, but yet-to-be-evaluated novel blood thinner, apixaban (Eliquis). The FDA wants more information from the ARISTOTLE trial. They have inquired about “data management and verification.” That sounds serious. I made some comments about apixaban over at Trials and Fibrillations on Here’s the mystery: Apixaban boasts incredibly […]

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New Trials and Fibrillations Post: ICD decison-making…Whose decision is it?

The thing is: I am a real fan of ICDs. I could fill this blog with ‘good’ ICD stories. These would be vignettes that describe real people who have gained beautiful years of life because of an automatically delivered shock from a device that a former paper boy implanted. Like all things therapeutic, there are […]


My new (ICD-related) post is up over at Trials and Fibrillations

I’m still working on recapping the Heart Rhythm Society sessions from last month. It was an incredible meeting that offered vast amounts of worthwhile information. So much really–for patients, generalists and specialists alike. Part 2 of my favorite ICD-related posts from HRS 2012 is now posted over at Trials and Fibrillations at It touches […]

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New ICD post on Trials and Fibrillations

It took over a week to finish writing about some of the major news concerning defibrillators (ICDs) from the Heart Rhythm Society sessions this month. As therapies go, the ICD could not be much more complicated. These expensive devices are often implanted in patients at risk for–but not yet had–sudden death. The stats in this […]

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New Trials and Fibrillations post is up

It’s entitled: More on ECG screening to prevent sudden death in the young: On risk, the Italian experience and notes from the real world. Here’s the lead in… Earlier this week, I wrote about one of my favorite topics in medicine: the ECG. This 12-pronged view of cardiac vectors catapulted my interest in the human […]

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New Trials and Fibrillations post is up:

When doctors make big salaries… The “rich”-doctor debate is old, but surely not tired. Lately a number of stories detailing the big salaries made by cardiologists have stirred the pot again. How much is your doctor worth? Do we make too much? How happy are we with what we make? Head over to the Trials […]

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A new opportunity…Trials and Fibrillations

I am very excited. Nervous too. The ante has been upped. 240,000 members – 60,000 cardiologists – 38,000 other physicians – 66,000 Health care professionals. That’s the a website where one can find the latest developments in cardiology and cardiovascular research, including heartwire news and commentary by some of the world’s top cardiologists. It’s […]