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…the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. I read today a collection of words that exude wisdom. I share it with you because the purpose of this blog is to do create value through education. Peggy Girshman was an award-winning health journalist. When ill with a life-limiting illness, she wrote her own eulogy. […]

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Access to healthcare does not deliver health

Stanford economist Raj Chetty and coworkers published an important paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association this week. It’s free. They looked at the association between income and longevity in the US. The results will disrupt a lot of what you might have thought about healthcare. The first finding was not surprising: higher […]

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Another thing to fear in healthcare: Getting an Xray

I head to Chicago this weekend for the 4th Annual Lown Institute Conference. The Lown Institute seeks to catalyze grassroots movements for transforming healthcare systems and improving the health of communities. For those of you who want to be on the right side of the street of history, Dr. Bernard Lown, a cardiologist, activist, and […]

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A new way to discuss statin drugs

A new study published last week in an open heart journal changes the conversation about how patients and doctors think about and discuss preventive therapies–such as statins. Dr. Richard Lehman may be the smartest doctor on Twitter. This is what he said: This is a game-changer — Richard Lehman (@RichardLehman1) March 20, 2016 Most […]

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Thoughts on Justice Scalia’s Death

When I heard Justice Antonin Scalia had died suddenly, presumably of cardiac causes, I spent time reading and thinking about the famous judge. Three themes seemed worth putting down in writing. Read more here: Justice Scalia’s Death: Three Lessons for the Healthcare Community JMM

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Rethinking Cancer Screening

The purpose of this post is to introduce my latest column on Medscape, which is linked at the end. You might wonder why an electrophysiologist is interested in cancer screening. I am interested because it may be one of Medicine’s largest reversals. A reversal happens when something (testing or treatment) doctors did, and patients accepted, […]

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A short take of the big stories in cardiology in 2015

Here is my most recent column on | Medscape Cardiology: Mandrola’s Top 10 Cardiology Stories 2015 What follows below is a short-writing summary of my ten picks. The hyperlinks go to earlier columns I wrote on the topic. 1. The FDA approved two new (injectable) cholesterol drugs. The problem with the PCSK9-inhibitors: the study […]

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Despair not opioids is killing poor white American men

The news this morning is sobering. Poor, white, middle-aged American men are dying at increasing rates. The report, published in a prestigious medical journal by a recent Nobel Prize winner, has shocked the public health community. It should shock you. NPR covered the story. So did the NY Times. Twitter is abuzz with the news. […]

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Should you get a cardiac stress test?

Heart disease remains the leading killer of humans. People want to be protected. The fast-thinking notion is early detection is good, the more knowledge, the better. I wish it were that easy. What follows is my most recent post on WebMD on the basics of cardiac stress testing: **** A middle-aged surgeon recently asked me […]

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Good health does not require an Apple Watch

Social media is awash in news about digital health. I am a skeptic. Health is much simpler. I like this rendering from a kindergarten class. "Kindergarten teacher asked class to create rules for living healthy. Here's what they came up with" via @rickplus3 — Brad Stulberg (@BStulberg) May 9, 2015 When I was a […]

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Why don’t people ask their doctors more questions?

I do not get it. Day in and day out, I ask patients why they take a medicine. Many do not know. “My doctor put me on it,” goes the common response. Take statin drugs, for example. I often ask a person why they are taking the drug? With rare exception, the person says it […]