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New post up at What were the best stories of 2012 in heart rhythm care?

As most of you know, I also write a column (Trials and Fibrillations) over at the online Cardiology news site,

My most recent article highlights what I thought were the top news stories in electrophysiology in 2012. There were many. Gosh were there ever.

I broke a major rule of writing online articles: It was a really long post. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Consider yourself warned. You may want to read it in more than one sitting.

Here was an outline of the hot topics of 2012:

  • Two major developments in AF ablation.
  • ICD implant volumes fell off a ledge. Consensus on the ICD is changing–for the better.
  • St Jude’s Riata/Durata ICD lead issues. Two words: ugly stuff.
  • Major changes in ICD programming are forthcoming. Less is more.
  • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) remains impressive.
  • Novel anticoagulants — The year of rivaroxaban.
  • Gender issues come to the fore. Have you heard women are different than men?
  • Aspirin falls from grace for the prevention of stroke in patients with AF.
  • Honorable mentions include the IPhone ECG, MRI safety in patients with pacemakers and sleep disorders.

The title of the post is: A year-end review of 2012: Top 10 stories in EP

I hope you head over and check it out. Sorry for the word count. There was just a lot of news. And I had to add some Mandrola-isms.


P.S. I am grateful for the opportunity to write for such a professional organization. The people of THO have been kind and generous mentors. They have been patient with me as I learn how to convey thoughts with words. I look forward to another year of commentary on heart rhythm care. EP was a great career choice and it’s been fun sharing my enthusiasm for such a gratifying line of work. 

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