In the Prime post up over at the Courier-Journal — The world championships of CX come to town

For fans of sport in America, the coming week is all about fast-twitch muscles, aggression and unapologetic showmanship. The Super Bowl has grown de facto into an American holiday. I get this. I watch football; the athleticism and intensity are compelling.

But in our fair city, the next week witnesses a celebration of sport of a different sort. On a global scale, the World Championships of Cyclocross approaches the largesse of the Super Bowl. Cycling may be a small sport in the US, (surely smaller after the Lance affair) but worldwide, pedaling and racing a two-wheeled machine ranks right up there with football and baseball. Just head over to Europe and you will see what I mean. And it’s not just Europe; word has it that cycling is quite popular in Beijing, Melbourne et al.

What the heck is cyclocross anyways?

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