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Can you ride like this?

It’s Saturday morning.

I saw this 2010 video on one of my friends FB pages. Consider this truly shocking set of images a 4-minute break from the serious issues of arrhythmia, health policy and fitness.

Since it’s been viewed 6 million times, you may have already seen it. That matters not. Watch it again. I’ve replayed it three times so far. If I could sum it up in one phrase:

Love young people.

Happy Weekend friends.


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P.S. I’m sure you’ve seen this picture John … – but we just watched Premium Rush (2012) that we got thru Netflix last night – covers another aspect of “biking” (the NYC bike message delivery service) – with action shots that are hard to believe. A little difficult plot wise to totally accept … but if you “go with it” – a LOT of fun to watch. Trailer at:

This is great! Reminds me of days I wasn’t so careful and conservative! I keep thinking my Pradaxa would fall out of my pocket if I tried riding like that!

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