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In the Prime post up — On healthy eating and one of Cardiology’s biggest errors

Hi all,

I have a new post up over at the Courier-Journal’s In the Prime/Voices section.

It’s about a new study released this week on heart-healthy eating. I went to the well again on the metaphorical “elephant in the room.” The study was important because it sheds light on one of the biggest mistakes made in Cardiology today.

Here’s the start of the post:

There was an important study released this week concerning the number one killer of humans—heart disease. It was a biggie. It addressed one of the most common errors made in Cardiology today.

It’s such a huge mistake. And it’s so common. It drives me bonkers really.

First the mistake:

That medications alone are enough to prevent heart attacks, strokes and death.

Both parties—doctors and patients–are guilty…

I hope you want to read more. If you do here is the link:

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