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Writing lite…

Whenever someone asks seriously why I keep a blog, it’s a struggle to find an answer. I really do not know exactly.

It helps me learn…that’s true. (And I worship learning.)

It makes me think about action verbs…No doubt.

That people email and say that my words helped them…Yes, for sure.

That I like writing. That it really is fun for me. (Irony alert: I hated writing essays in high school!) But the rub about the medical blog niche is its seriousness, the fact-checking, the need to not give people a bad steer. You have to use precise language. In this way serious writing is great because it might help people with understanding the one thing that I know about–heart disease. Serious writing though, is like eating quinoa; it’s not my favorite.

My favorite kind of writing is like cupcakes are to arugula. It’s free-lance stuff written in a post-race haze of exercise-induced cannabinoid-receptor agonism.

So I wrote 622 words about my avocation in the fall: Cyclocross. Don’t read it if you want anything more than musings about the beauty of human competition–as seen by a barely elite rider in a real elite race.

Since I do little for my bike team, I agreed to write race reports and post them to our team’s Facebook page.

By not clicking this link for the post, you are spared my folly–though I did mention doctoring, atrial fib and the word “curate.”