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Sal Khan explains Heart Disease in ten minutes

More than a year ago, I wrote about the amazing educator, Sal Khan. His website, KhanAcademy, has become an educational behemoth. Using colorful and warmly narrated ten-minute YouTube videos, Sal explains–with breathtaking clarity–almost everything you might want or need to know.

He made me grin about re-learning how to do a derivative. He even personally answered an email I sent him on a vexing geometry proof. He tapped back on his iPhone that the proof was unsolvable because there were not enough givens. (That teacher no longer works at my son’s school.) I was so impressed that I clicked on his “donate” button. Now, the Khan Academy, has the backing of Bill and Melinda Gates.

He explains heart disease and heart attacks in just 10:46. How does Sal know all this? How is his explanation of heart disease so accurate? How?

(I realize that 10 min is an eternity on the internet, but for those interested in a solid foundation to understand heart disease, this would be a valuable ten minutes.)

Each of the 57 million lessons that Sal has delivered were (and still are) free. Everything Sal teaches is free.

Education. Knowledge. For free.

This gives me hope.


h/t to Dr Toni Brayer of EverythingHealth; where I first saw Sal’s video posted.

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Hi Dr. John – Love this video! Particularly appreciated the simple, clear definitions of sudden cardiac arrest, MI and heart failure (and by the way, could you docs please come up with slightly less terrifying diagnostic terminology for that one?) Thanks for this.

thanks for the lead to kahn. it’s great at explaining to a fellow like me medical subjects of concern and interest. also very surprised at all the other subjects covered. the ACT prep. group has my med. school aspiring grand son using it as a resource. thank you.

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