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An anti-inflammatory image…

Most Fridays, I attempt to jot down some reflections about doctoring, or life, or ideally the confluence of both.

Today I have a picture that speaks far better than words.

It came via a text message from a cyclist that enjoys riding in the morning.

If you don’t stay up too late, blogging, reading journals, stewing about how many checklists you need to practice medicine, or even waiting for your teenager to come home, than you might make the 0530 summer ride here in Louisville.

And if you do muster the gumption to move through the pre-dawn creakiness of middle-age, this picture recurs nearly every ride, about forty-five minutes in.

Enjoying the art of planet Earth, on a carbon-fibre bike, before work, with friends, and with a nice sweat going is like a potent anti-inflammatory salve–one without the risk of cardiovascular adverse effects. And you don’t need a pre-auth!

If only life was this tranquil.


Have a good weekend.


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