An important phone conversation about the future of cyclocross in Louisville KY

To those readers who are not cyclocross fans, I apologize in advance.

Us cyclists, specifically, the cyclocross community are experiencing growing pains. Turns out, that it isn’t just about riding bikes. It is surprising indeed, how much cycling has forced me to organize my thoughts and words of late. To my young racers, I say, get educated, else you are in danger of becoming a pawn.

I spoke with Bruce Fina today. Bruce is the CEO of the United States Gran Prix of cyclocross, the largest cross race in America. He and Joan are the USGP. My two primary concerns were that people outside our cycling community were making decisions for their own betterment without considering the fate of the locals. Secondly, I was concerned about the suitability of the venue (Eva Bandman Park) chosen.
I have posted the specifics on Bikeclicks.
Speaking one on one cannot always be replaced by email. There were concerns, opinions and questions and then, thoughtful reply. Communication was a relief.
I am no longer a naysayer. We must move forward and help the CVB and sports commission keep the heat on parks to develop our vision.
The civics lesson continues. Pacemakers are easier.