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A Proud Member of the Louisville Community am I. Thank You!!

I know that some readers wish not to hear cycling all the time. Sorry, but this weekend was the USGP. One of the nurses I work with calls cross my “motocross thing.”
The USGP is the largest cyclocross race series in America. Cyclocross is the fastest growing cycling discipline. Think cross country on bikes. This weekend was a true festival of cycling. The top pros in America were in Louisville! They were accessible and friendly. No team buses with one way windows. No entourages. No race faces.
The professionals race the same course in the afternoon that we ride in the earlier hours. Think of having a touch football game at the dome before the Colts play, a round at Valhalla in the AM before the pros tee off or maybe an afternoon softball game at Yankee Stadium before a night game. Yeah right.
I watched the pros today. Their power and grace are remarkable.
What was more remarkable? The tireless work of the Louisville cycling community. There are too many to mention as surely I will forget some. Keep in mind Joan H and Bruce F come to town with about 5 people. Louisville provides a hundred plus volunteers to pull this off. Michael Dulin, Mark Luking, the entire Bikeclicks team, LBC, RedZone cycling, Bob Bobrow, Mike Hewitt, Barbara Saive, Rick Lyons and many others. The enormity of the effort was most impressive. Can you imagine if we had these same “can do” people in government. We would be killing it.
Little ring Rick gets a special thanks as not only is he nominated for most valuable volunteer, but, he also pitted for Erik, John M, Mike and I for free. Why? No idea, but, he sure is “good peoples.”
As a member of the Louisville cycling community, an advocate for health and fitness and fan of bike racing, I say thank you and congratulations to the volunteers who made this event a success. I am sure Joan and Bruce are equally thankful.
I also thank all those who cheered for my old, slow, tired keister today. I appreciate those who appreciate the effort a cross racer puts out.
For those who have not experienced cross, you should come out and see this. To those who slog around on ellipticals, jog on pavement until your knees ache or ride the same tired road ride, come out and witness cross and you may get hooked. Visit for a schedule.
Here’s to good health. Knock on wood.

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Our clan had fun start to finish!! In fact the kids enjoyed the final work breaking down the course, as much as the races and cow bell rining! Marcia Seiler

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