Civics, CX and Math

Not just CX this Sunday.
As many know, our beloved RRCC-is slated for chain link fencing for Louisville’s fourth dog park. The fence will be going right through here…

Since the Mandrola clan helped build this “field of dreams,” I am fighting my emotions on this one. In the upcoming weeks, the battle to convince our elected officials as to why a dog park should be elsewhere will be a civics lesson for us all. Can the voice of a few hundred cyclists who have brought national caliber cycling to Louisville be heard? We’ll see.
Dear Joan and Bruce: I doubt you read my blog, but if you do, please call the Mayor et al and tell them you changed your mind and want RRCC back. I am a doctor, so I know it is OK to change your mind. Free heart check up for you both..
On a lighter note…
Of course, CX racing. Yep, it finally happened: Both Will and I had a good day. Good legs, no bobbles and no mechanicals. I won 45+ race and second overall. WIll was third. Nice. How will I celebrate this accomplishment? Go to work, don the lead apron and do the same thing I did last week: focus on doing the best I can for my patients.
Here is a typical question I will get tomorrow. “Dr M, it was great weather this weekend, did you ride?” Hmm. “Normal people have no idea what we go through with this cx thing. “Yes, I kindly acknowledge, I did ride.” I will not mention the black and white vision, the tension of the start line or those wonderful FMB fangos.
Some notables…
My teammate Mike McShane gets a shout out for multiple reasons. First, he decided not to do our race, thus giving us mortals a chance. Dear Mike, indeed it is a good idea to keep racing the A race.
More importantly, Mike suffered a mechanical and then a bad crash in which he bumped his cerebellum (part of the brain responsible for balance and coordination-obviously important in a CX race). He is accustomed to winning or at least being in the lead group. After these mishaps, he was in the back of the race. Quit the race? No sir, he stayed in, got on the back up bike and plugged all the way up to fourth. A nice example to us all. Proud.
Second Notable…
The Redzone team is filled with good peoples. John Francisco is morphing into folk hero status with his consistent wins. More remarkable than his cycling, is his volunteering to work the pits for me. He is a star and I try hard, but yet he helps me today. Seems like every week, a different Redzoner is helping me. Gratitude.
Staci traveled with us today. She has been either working or studying this fall. She is a tireless cheer leader for all. I am serious, so I do not look up during the race. I hear her and it is comforting.
We had a minor fight the night before. She vehemently protested Will and my use of Gatorade. For the record all, Tiger’s Gatorade has high fructose corn syrup. Go to the state fair, Mall St Mathews or any parish picnic and observe the people. You will see the results of high fructose corn syrup. As Will labeled it, our “petty fight” will lead to my blog’s first ever product review-a Gatorade replacement. We tried a different sports drink and both Will and I had good sensations. Stay tuned… Bring on the sponsored links.
A note to today’s event promoters, Promotion cycling: 46 years old is both 35+ and 45+. Enough said.

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Your Mother and I emptied the frig of all gatorade. Please send $5.89 for replacement drinks. We won't be going to any state fairs or Mall St Mathews any time soon.


I believe that the Gatorade poweder doesn't contain any HFCS, and also cuts down on the amount of plastic bottles you buy…saves money to boot.

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