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Swine Flu???

This past Tuesday afternoon I left work a bit early, around 1600 or so as I was so in need of a nap. Felt so tired even driving the 3 miles home. Immediately got supine and fell asleep in seconds. got up and went for a fairly typical trail ride with Staci. sluggish but ok. Woke up Wednesday with sore throat and a bit achy. Took tylenol and cough drops all day.

Since I called the Wed Cx ride I felt obligated to go. We had an amazing turn-out. 3 large groups and at least 60 folks all riding cross. I felt horrible but finished the ride. Aches, fever, chills, cough, a dang painful cough ensued all night. Could not even contemplate doing procedures Thursday. Last sick day? Cannot remember. It’s Saturday and symptoms are easing up and was able to ride a bit.

Read that 98% of flu so far this year is probably swine variety. Who knows if it was. If so, it seems milder to routine seasonal influenza. Not really a good test to tell if I had it or not. Also, read that UMiss football team had 20+ guys out with flu the same week. Seems like chicken pox: many get it at same time then are immune for the rest of the season. I am now the 5th person I know with the same illness. Makes one wonder what all the hysteria is all about. I also wonder whether the vaccine may be more risky then the disease? What do I know, I am just a cardiologist.


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