A surprise…Pre-Med???

Catherine speaks to Dad today. “I am thinking of changing my major to Pre-Med.” Really.

She has been at College for only 6 weeks. Do some parents know what will happen next? Maybe. Not us. We still do not know, but these sorts of statements are encouraging. Not because her doctor mom and dad want her to be like them, rather, one wouldn’t likely contemplate pre-med if college was progressing poorly.
I was once asked in an interview for a fitness magazine, what was my biggest challenge. Was it trying to break 36 for 10k, was it the 400IM, was it the Muncie Endurathon in August, or maybe hanging on to the Master nationals road race in Cherokee Park? No way. I answered, my ultimate challenge was parenting a teenage daughter. Why?
You start here…
Before you blink…
Then the chest starts getting really tight…
A good day today. I am not even thinking of unbuckling yet.

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