Mother’s Day…2014

As I return home from the Heart Rhythm Society sessions in San Francisco this Mother’s Day, I got to thinking about my mom.

Here I am, a cardiac electrophysiologist, a doctor. I’m traveling to meetings, learning to write commentary, making friends with colleagues across the globe.

How did this happen?

Surely with great luck, but, I also know my total immersion in love and support as a child contributed. For this, I have my entire family to thank.

Mom’s, however, are special.

Mine was selfless. Her children, her family, my father, this was everything to her. Sadly, such selflessness likely shortened her life.

It’s been almost three years since she died. I miss her.

Here’s what I wrote when cancer took her away from us.

Now I am married to a beautiful woman who approaches mothering (and grand-mothering) with the same vigor. When my children induce me to worry, I recall that they, like me, enjoy complete and utter love from their mom. This bodes well for them. Surely it does.