Goodbye Mom–Thanks

Joan Evelyn Mandrola Jan 14 1939 - Nov 24 2011

So Mom…

Your love and devotion to me approached infinity.

As a younger, I longed for nothing.

You loved me—whether I was on a podium or not. This was a mother’s love. Your love.

I knew you cared about my achievements, but now I understand: you loved seeing me happy.

Thanks for that.

You waited up for me at night, not to catch me doing silly stuff, but rather to make sure I was safe. Thanks for that too Mom.

Hey Mom…

…I was happy that I had you. I should have told you that more.

You sacrificed for me. You didn’t buy enough for yourself. How could you? You were too busy buying stuff for us kids. I could have attended a state school; but then I may not have met the mentors that tipped me into believing that I was smart enough to understand biology. You didn’t go to exotic places with Dad—unless Cooperstown NY counts. Geez, Mom, you should have gone more places.

Hey Mom…

…Thanks for giving me so much.

…Thanks for loving Dad. I loved having both of you.

…The things you bought me were nice, but mostly, I appreciated your love. Some might find it hard to quantify the importance of a mother’s love, but my gut tells me it’s mighty important. Thanks.

…Why were you so stoic and graceful–even in the face of those big bad tumors?

Hey Mom…

…I am so sorry that Cancer made you hurt so much. We all cried; but all you said was, “I was hoping for better results from the biopsy.” Me too Mom; I wanted it to be better news.

…I miss you. I miss your grace. I miss your upbeat outlook. I miss your voice,  your dinners, your smile, your questions about the kids.

I am who I am because of you and Dad.

Thanks Mom.

I love you right back.

Though I miss you tons already, it’s really good that you are no longer fearful or in pain.

Rest Mom. Rest.

You earned it sooooooo much.


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Dr. John,
Please accept my sincere condolences on your mom’s passing. Your tribute is beautiful and brought me to tears. Your mom must have been a wonderful woman.


A great tribute. I had some of the same thoughts when my own mother passed away 3 years ago, but could not phrase them as eloquently as you.

Dr. John,
Very touching to read about your mom. Your words are a lovely tribute. So sorry for your loss.

I’m so very sorry you had to say good-bye to her. Or maybe it was ‘until we meet again’. She sounds like a fantastic person. My sincere condolences.

I am so very sorry for your loss. Any mother would want to be given the accolades you have given your sweet mother.

I’m so sorry for your great loss. Thank you for sharing your moving tribute to your wonderful mom. I tell others how wonderful my own mom is, but now I see I haven’t told her nearly enough. Going to change that today. Thanks again.

So sorry Doc…it’s easy to see you loved your Mom so much…….we feel your pain…
AF hearts feel for other AF hearts…and for folks with CA like your Mom…keep sharing your journey/observations with us…

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