Merry Christmas

“Shh,” I think to myself, walk softly as not to disturb that beautiful pre-dawn quiet.

I sit nestled on the couch with only the hum of the heater coming through the heat ducts, The heavy blanket and wool socks keep me warm as I jettison the haze from a long night’s sleep.

There are flashing multicolored lights dancing in the reflection of the window.  Outside a blanket of snow covers the Kentucky countryside.

It is Christmas.





In a few days we will be with our family more than a thousand miles. I will see parents who provided me the means to be who I am, a brother with whom I shared a bunk bed for more than a decade, and another brother whose beneficence few cardiologists know.  (Sadly, my sister and her family cannot make the trip; that’s real life.  We will miss them greatly.)

Thanks to all who have supported me this year.

Thanks for reading.

I wish you all a great Holiday season and a Merry Christmas.


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…and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family, Dr. John. May the day be filled with warmth, love and laughter.

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