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Impressive writing

There’s a lot of impressive physician writers out there.

I’d like to point you to one that really speaks to me.

His name is Jordan Grumet. Dr. G seems wise beyond his years. His most recent essay, Have you compromised yourself? strikes my relevant neurons.

We, doctors included, amble through this world accompanied by our humanness. We can’t shake are flaws. Imperfections ride with us like a backpack that catches too much wind. We strive to lessen the profile of that bag of flaws–but it’s always there. Always slowing us down.

Some like to accuse doctors of over-protecting ourselves. Perhaps there’s some truth to that. But also, perhaps, like Jordan says, doctors don’t like to throw stones in the big glass house that we all live in.

That damn mirror looks pretty scary.


2 replies on “Impressive writing”

THANK YOU John for drawing our attention to this. My view differs from Anonymous (one of the commenters) – in that I don’t think it is always so simple (or black and white) to flush out all of the sometimes very fine lines distinguishing between what is “appropriate” – vs what constitutes “compromising oneself” …

I do not view this excellently written essay as “melodrama” (as another commenter did) – but rather as a truly scary testimonial to what I also perceive as a sadly evolving paradigm on at least some level of our current world in which we live. I think it sad.

I like to think of myself as one who does not “compromise” personal values – but this essay clearly made me STOP and ponder. I felt what is written often while working within the health care system …

Ken. So refreshing to see I am not the only one that has a similar take on that article. I’ll just copy past my comments from there here. “As I see it, these are just other examples of the decline in our societies conscience and ability to tell the truth. A man / woman has nothing of greater value than the truth. However it is quickly thrown aside in favor of financial gain or the perpetuation of position. Integrity should always be a key component in the decisions we make, weather they affect only ourselves, or most importantly the lives of others. “

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