Sad Story–Amazing song and words

Here’s a good example of what is old can still be quite good.

Gosh, GL can write and sing.


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Gee, I’m having a flashback to my teens growing up near Niagara Falls, Canada and many, many long evenings with friends spent listening to Gordon Lightfoot (on vinyl, of course). He was and is our national folk hero. Thanks for this bit of nostalgia.

Your welcome.

My best friend posted Sundown on his FB page this week. I did some clicking and learning about Mr Lightfoot. It’s amazing what a few clicks can teach one these days. Yes, I thought of my Canadian friends when posting this moving tribute. For the record, I interviewed for a job in Duluth back in the 90s. We spent a memorable weekend in the Northern territory. Something tells me I would have enjoyed the heartiness of those who inhabit such harsh climates.

Ahh – going back to my radio DJ days.

“here’s the story of how Ed Fitzgerald got wrecked” (subtle drug humor).

Sundown and Carefree Highway were my 2 favorites by him.

Also, as an aside, he suffered a severe abdominal aortic aneurysm in 2002, but finally recovered and started playing music again in late 2003.

His music is haunting.

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