Sad mystery of the youthful mind…

An electrophysiologist studies the science of electricity in the heart.  Although much is to be known, there seems little mystery when compared to the science of the youthful mind.

With much grief this weekend we learned suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents.  Of a runner, a cyclist, a friend, but mostly a beacon of tranquility.

Coaches of youth, doctors of the heart and parents of children are supposed to know, but we cannot always, and tonight especially, there is no understanding of why or how and the sadness is palpable.

As “olders” we know that little that ills a child’s soul will not improve with time.  If only, we could help the young who hurt understand this fact.  If only the affected could read the loving posts and know the thoughts of peers before the act.   If only.



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For ours, the best thing was that most could talk to Laura, primarily since many things can't be said to "Dad", about anything; nothing left on the table. Some couldn't and were left to exorcise their demons on their own, Painful.

Thanks, SBP. Maybe it is true that the pressures on our youth are greater than in years past. Despite all the modern day connectivity real communication may paradoxically be less and exposures to "things" are certainly greater. A bad week for sure. JMM

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