Heart-healthy Christmas Wishes

Peace. Oh do we all need more peace.


Grace. This one, I need more of than most.

Patience. Slow down world. Please.


Optimism. Sometimes the positive hides itself well.

Generosity. Not just of treasure, but of talent and time too.

Love. And loved ones. Imagine a world with more love.

And Friends. People need people.

And of course, the most important wish, one that surpasses even Apple products,


Yes, I wish for health. For my family, for me and for you.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate; and to those who don’t, may the universal message of Christmas–peace, joy and hope–touch your life.

Thank you.



One reply on “Heart-healthy Christmas Wishes”

Merry Christmas to you, too, Dr. John! As someone who has now gone 8 weeks without a single afib episode after a PVI ablation on Nov 4th, I just want to say how blessed I feel by wishes for good health. The work people like you do may not always be “successful,” but sometimes it is truly miraculous.

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