Being ourselves…Regardless

Let it be known that I am on vacation. And it is winter And my wife is working. So…How bout some folly. It’s better than housework.

I have always said that I was a nerd before being one was cool. See…

It is I...  DrJohnM

Thus, this graph really grabbed my attention. Ahh…Things are so impermanent. Heh?



h/t to Shadowfax, an ER doctor in the Pacific Northwest. SF is a superb writer and author of one of the best medical blogs out there: Movin Meat. You all should check it out. I’m also indebted to SF for teaching me yet another modern-day acronym. FTW. Thanks Doc.

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I can attest to the fact that the graph is accurate, especially if one continues bicycling while moving to the right on the y axis. Hope you and yours have a really wonderful Christmas together.

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