Doctoring Reflection

The power of telling a doctor, “Thank You”

I walked around the office today with a little extra spring in my step. It felt really good to be a doctor this day.

So when good sensations come, I always look back on why they happened. (Like cyclists do when they have really good legs. Maybe it was that bee pollen?)

But like having good legs on the bike, good sensations in the office come from more than one thing.

Eight hours of sleep?

A morning hug from my best friend, my wife Staci.

Two coffees?

A really good blueberry muffin?

No arrhythmia overnight in the AF ablation patients?

Good thresholds on yesterday’s (evidenced-based) ICD?


But I felt really springy after being greeted by this…

From a patient, written with a pen.

Yes, this was a good day.

And it reminded me that I need to say thank you more often.

So… Thanks you all–for reading my blog.

Have a good weekend.


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🙂 What a lovely beautiful reminder. PS Thank you for being part of my life.


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